RTF Technologies' Electronics describes designs of electronic circuits, microcontrolers, robotics, sensors, and communication systems.

Spaceball 4000 6-axis Force Sensor

Spaceball 4000 6-axis force sensor, measures 3 axis of force and 3 axis of torque


Barry Wright Astek FS6-120A 6-axis Force Sensor

Barry Wright Astek FS6-120A 6-axis force sensor, measures 3 axis of force and 3 axis of torque


Nikon Laser 440

Attempt to interface the Nikon laser 440 laser rangefinder with a computer / microcontroller


Lasertech Impulse 200LR

A tear down and review of the Lasertech Impulse 200LR laser rangefinder is documented.


Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Hack

Attempt to interface the Bushnell pinseeker 1500 laser rangefinder with a computer / microcontroller


FT-50R Freeband Mod

An FT-50R transceiver is modified in hardware and software to produce RF between 120-230MHz and 315-509MHz. An FT-50R is used as an RF oscillator since it can be modified for wide band transmission, has digital frequency selection and generates the required 5w of RF power necessary to drive a communications amplifier.


IR Webcam

A web cam is modified to see into the IR spectrum.

Robotics Control System

Basic Stamp 2 Control System

A simple telecommand control system for robots using the Basic Stamp series microcontroler.


Telepresence Robot

Large telepresence robot utilizing the basic stamp 2 control system.


Geiger Counter:

Detects Beta and Gamma radiation. Compact design and 7.2v power source.


TDOA RDFing System

(documentation in progress) Homing DF system that switches between two antennas to determine the direction of an incoming FM signal.


Amigobot Landmark Recognition Software

Amigobot landmark recognition project for ECE 2031.




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