RTF Technologies' Physics describes devices that deal with fundamental particles, forces, electric and magnetic fields, as well as nuclear reactions.

IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3

Deuterium fusion reactor (fusor) for neutron production. Will utilize Inertial Electrostatic Confinement and include ion sources.


IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 2

Spherical deuterium fusion reactor for neutron production / subsystem evaluation. Core machined for practice in fabricating stainless steel vacuum systems.


IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 1

Small Deuterium fusion reactor prototype for concept testing and design evaluation. Utilizes Inertial Electrostatic Confinement.



A terrella (permanent magnet simulating the interaction of plasma with earth's magnetosphere) was inserted into the edge plasma of Madison symmetric torus and imaged with an 80k frames/sec camera.


Radiation Shielded Camera

A sony cybershot DSC-P72 camera was shielded with lead and HDPE and sent through an industrial irradiator while viewing plastic and mineral samples. The plastics were used to produce lichtenberg figures.


Heavy Water Electrolysis Assembly

Fuel converter for producing deuterium by electrolyzing heavy water.


100 KeV Pulsed Electrostatic Particle Accelerator

This is a small electrostatic particle accelerator that utilizes a pulsed electric field to accelerate electrons to 100 KeV. The utilization of an oil diffusion pump coupled to a rotary vane pump provides a vacuum level of 1.5E-5 torr.


100 KV Van De Graaf Generator

This Van De Graaf generator was built for testing the particle accelerator and for other electrostatic experiments.


CCD Vertex Detector

Modification of a CCD camera for use as a vertex detector for high energy particles and gamma rays.







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