Socket Wrist



A wrist mounted device for deploying a universal socket set out from your sleeve into your hand. What it lacks in practicality, it more then makes up for in style.


Socket Wrist:

Socket Wrist attached to carpel tunnel wrist protector where aluminum insert was removed. Unit is held in place with velcro.

Socket Wrist:Socket Wrist:

Socket Wrist CAD:

1/8" grid.

  • Screw positions are shown as green lines. Screws are 6-32.
  • Frame is constructed out of 1/8" polycarbonate, bent after heating with a propane torch.
  • Linear bearing is a Stelron DS4-6-A-C.
  • Socket ratchet is a Companion 3/8" teardrop type.
  • Universal socket is a Gator Grip.

Socket Wrist CAD:

Dimensions of polycarbonate plates.


Base Plate:

Holds socket in place and connects linear bearing to carpel tunnel wrist protector.


Catch Plate:

Holds linear bearing in place until pressed downward (upward in this picture, bottom view shown). Catches to nut on bearing.


Epoxy Mold:

Greased socket set handel was pressed into hardening epoxy contained in square mold.

Polycarbonate plate acting as spring, presses socket handel against epoxy mold until pulled out by user.

Note nut in top right conner. This is what holds bearing to catch plate.


Socket Engaged:

Socket locks into epoxy mold, held in place by polycarbonate plate.


Socket Wrist:

Bottom view.


Socket Wrist:

Side view.


Socket Wrist:

Isometric view.





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